Giải đề cương ôn tập Unit 1-2-3 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11

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Bên canh hướng dẫn em rất kĩ cách phân biệt giữa Suit và Fit Bài sửa đề thi IELTS WRITING TASK 2 ngày 22/8/2020 của HS đi thi đạt 7.0 writing, IELTS TUTOR cũng hướng dẫn thêm Giải đề cương ôn tập Unit 1-2-3 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11

I. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. architect B. cheese C. church D. chat

2. A. change B. mango C. again D. forget

3. A. house B. hot C. honest D. holiday

4. A. bank B. any C. now D. money

5. A. around B. sound C. only D. mouse

6. A. teacher B. other C. together D. term

7. A. Germany B. garden C. gate D. gas

8. A. scholarship B. Christ C. school D. chicken

9. A. house B. harm C. hour D. husband

10. A. sing B. morning C. any D. hang

11.A. hundred B. exhausted C. however D. heat

12.A. head B. ready C. mean D. weather

13. A. choir B. cheap C. child D. chair

14. A. charge B. child C. teacher D. champagne

15. A. reason B. clear C. mean D. each

16. A. motion B. question C. mention D. fiction

17. A. gather B. good C. large D. again

18. A. change B. children C. machine D. church

19. A. hand B. bank C. sand D. band

20. A. future B. mature C. pasture D. nature

21. A. invited B. attended C. celebrated D. displayed

22. A. removed B. washed C. hoped D. missed

23. A. looked B. laughed C. moved D. stepped

24. A. wanted B. parked C. stopped D. watched

25. A. laughed B. passed C. suggested D. placed

26. A. believed B. prepared C. involved D. liked

27. A. lifted B. lasted C. happened D. decided

28. A. collected B. changed C. formed D. viewed

29. A. walked B. entertained C. reached D. looked

30. A. watched B. stopped C. pushed D. improved

II. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

31. A. sneaky B. floppy C. icing D. embrace

32. A. loyalty B. constancy C. acquaintance D. confidence

33. A. gossip B. interest C. between D. friendship

34. A. unselfish B. sympathy C. quality D. principle

35. A. mutual B. advantage C. possible D. generous

36. A. helpful B. sincere C. pleasant D. earning

37. A. floppy B. idol C. cotton D. decide

38. A. extremely B. excited C. personal D. imagine

39. A. birthday B. reply C. schoolbag D. money

40. A. celebrate B. together C. family D. special

41. A. successful B. beautiful C. humorous D. difficult

42. A. couple B. wedding C. quiet D. receive

43. A. begin B. silver C. dinner D. people

44. A. celebrate B. attitude C. refreshments D. restaurant

45. A. problem B. enough C. listen D. summer

III. Use the right form of the verbs below.

1. When I (walk) ___________ to work I saw him.

2. Why did you avoid (meet) ________ him at the party last night?

3. By the time I arrived at the station the train (leave) ________ already.

4. James (not attend) ________ our wedding party last year.

5. We hoped (help) __________ by the teacher.

6. Would you mind (lend) ___________ me your pen?

7. They decided (not sell) ___________ their old house.

8. She managed (open)__________ the door.

9. Do you mind (not use) _________ my phone?

10. When he (drive) __________ to work he had an accident.

11. Before she went to the cinema she (buy) ________ the ticket.

12. William (not write) ___________ to me two weeks ago.

13. By the time you came back we (clean) _________ your room.

14. When she (read) _________ books the phone rang.

15. Their parents (not be) __________ at home yesterday.

16. We don’t mind (take) _________ photographs of your wedding party.

17. Peter suggested (go) __________ to Halong for holiday.

18. They expected (not meet) __________ him at the airport.

19. Would you like (not make) ___________ noise at night?

20. The police made him (tell) ___________ the truth.

21. Would you mind (show) ________ how to use the computer?

22. When I went home my parents (watch) ________T.V in the sitting room.

23. By yesterday they (build) __________ our kitchen.

24. They (not attend) __________my birthday party yesterday.

25. When I returned home after 20 years, everything (change) ______________ completely.

IV. Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning.

1. They allowed him to use their car.

 They let _______________________________________________________________

2. Before he arrived at the station, the train had left.

 After __________________________________________________________________

3. Peter: “Shall we go to the cinema?”- Maria: “Yes”.

 Peter and Maria decided ___________________________________________________

4. Do you enjoy drinking a cup of coffee ?.

 Would you like __________________________________________________________

5. After she had done homework, she went to school.

 Before _________________________________________________________________

6. We like playing football with our close friends at weekends.

 We want _______________________________________________________________

7. To meet your parents is very nice.

 It is very _______________________________________________________________

8. My parents ask me to have breakfast at home.

 My parents make ________________________________________________________

9. I think you should travel by bus.

 I want you _____________________________________________________________

10. Walking in the rain is her enjoyment.

 She enjoys _____________________________________________________________

11. It is easy to speak to him.

 To speak to him ________________________________________________________

12. After he had bought the ticket he went to the cinema.

 Before he ____________________________________________________________

13. They want to go shopping on Sunday mornings.

 They enjoy ___________________________________________________________

14. To read his books is very exciting.

 It is very ____________________________________________________________

15. Before she went to work she had eaten breakfast.

 After she ____________________________________________________________

16. He remembers to turn the light off before going out.

 He doesn’t ____________________________________________________________

17. Jack had left the office before I arrived.

 When________________________________________________________________

18. During lunch, someone rang the bell.

 While I_______________________________________________________________

19. I haven’t been to the dentist for six months.

The last time____________________________________________________________

20. She has studied Japanese for 5 years.

 She began ______________________________________________________________

21. He did all his work and then he went home.

 After __________________________________________________________________

22. Steven bought a new motorbike, and he saved enough money.

 Before_________________________________________________________________

23. The guests left and then we tidied the house.

When __________________________________________________________________

25. The boy ran away from the house.

 She noticed ______________________________________________________________

26. The policeman told the thief to empty his pockets.

 The policeman made _______________________________________________________

27. He left the house early this morning.

 I heard __________________________________________________________________

28. He drove away.

 She stood there and watched__________________________________________________

29. The robber came from the back door

 I could feel _______________________________________________________________

29.Because I had already read the book several times, I didn’t borrow it.

 Having ____________________________________________________________________

30. She went to bed early. She felt very tired.

 Feeling ___________________________________________________________________

IV. Give the correct form of the words in brackets

1. John is old enough to be ___________ of his parents. (depend)

2. Make sure that your time is spent __________ . (use)

3. It was one of his most important ___________ . (achieve)

4. My new car is more __________ than the one I had before. (economy)

5. It is often useful to make a ________ between two things. (compare)

6. Please don’t ask such ___________ questions. (person)

7. The _________ of a famous doctor was announced last night. (die)

8. Special drugs should be _________ and dispensed carefully. (manufacture)

9. He _________ agreed with my suggestion. (ready)

10. This restaurant is __________ for its western meals. (fame)

11. The United Nations ____________ is an international one. (organize)

12. Our relationship is based on ____________ , not love (friend)

13. One of the most important qualities for true friendship is __________ (constant)

14. Everyone feels great __________ for the victims of the attack (sympathize)

15. A dog is capable of great ___________ to its master (loyal)

16. A selfish person is __________ of true friendship (capable)

17. Jane showed great ____________ for the new project (enthusiastic)

18. His strange behavior made the police ___________ (suspicion)

19. She was __________ ill, so she didn’t go to school yesterday (serious)

20. Don’t put too much _____________ in what the papers say (confident)

V. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.

1. The teacher made them __________ silent.

A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept

2. She was able __________ English when she was very young.

A. to sing B. sing C. singing D. sang

3. Please let me __________ my result as soon as possible.

A. to know B. know C. knew D. knowing

4. I want __________ the film that you told me yesterday.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. to see

5. Could you please stop __________ so much noise?

A. make B. to make C. made D. making

6. Have you finished __________ on this project?

A. working B. work C. worked D. to work

7. Remember__________ the letter for me tomorrow.

A. posting B. to post C. post D. will post

8. She said that she had talked to me but I didn’t remember __________ her before.

A. seeing B. to see C. not seeing D. see

9. Let your name__________ in the sheet of paper.

A. write B. be written C. written D. to write

10. I think the old woman was very angry because she _____ when she saw the rubbish in front of her house.

A. made a fuss B. made a decision C. made a choice D. made a move

11. I was very__________ when my mom kept calling me “honey” in front of my friends.

A. embarrassing B. embarrassed C. embarrassment D. embarrassingly

12. We don’t mind __________ photographs of your wedding party.

A. to take B. take C. taking D. took

13. We hoped __________ by our teacher.

A. to help B. helping C. to be helped D. being helped

14. Nick didn’t expect __________ to Caroline’s party.

A. to invite B. to be invited C. inviting D. being invited

16. They decided __________ their old house.

A. to not sell B. not selling C. not sold D. not to sell

17. When I __________ home, my parents __________ T.V in the sitting room.

A. went/ watched B. was going/ watched

C. went/ had watched D. went/ were watching

18. In "Everyone has a number of acquaintances, but no one has many friends" acquaintances means ____.

A. people whom you know well and whom you like a lot.

B. people that you have met but do not know well.

C. people who work in the same company.

D. people with whom you share a room for a period of time

19. He was sure that the boy was a __________because he had stolen her money.

A. student B. thief C. customs officer D. journalist

20. A good marriage is based on __________.

A. secret B. loyalty C. trust D. B & C

21. Steve thought his __________with Helen was changing.

A. relation B. relationship C. relate D. relative

22. To do the work for a humane society is __________.

A. friendly B. mutual C. thoughtless D. voluntary

23. You can't prevent him from__________ his own money.

A. spending B. spent C. to spend D. spend

24. He is __________for his elderly parents.

A. paying attention B. looking C. caring D. taking care

25. We should take care of war invalids and family of martyrs.

A. look after B. look for C. look into D. look at


  1. When Jack’s father passed away in an accident , his girlfriend showed great ______________ towards his family members. ( SYMPATHIZE )
  2. She gave me a _____________ smile when looking at the messy house. ( UNDERSTAND)
  3. ____________ is one of the qualities to build up a sustainable friendship.(SINCERE)
  4. Many people are _____________ of maintaining a long-term relationship with an opposite sex as friends.(CAPABLE)
  5. Uncle Ho is well-known for his ____________ . (MODEST)
  6. Thinking for your own sake all the time will soon make you a ____________ person. (SELF)
  7. We all have the __________ to the company. (LOYAL)
  8. Children need a ___________ environment to develop both mentally and physically.(CARE)
  9. When tourists visit Sapa , a beauty spot in the north of VN , they will feel overwhelmed by the __________ of the local ethnic minorities here.(HOSPITABLE)
  10. If you lose interest in the job soon , you are thought to lack ____________ .(CONSTANT)
  11. We had a very ___________ holiday last summer.(MEMORY)
  12. This magazine only aims at ____________ (TEEN)
  13. She was ____________ at the thought of being alone.(TERROR)
  14. Lucky you , you’ve bought such a(n) ___________ watch. (EXPENSE)
  15. He was __________ to be asked to play for the M.U. (EXCITEMENT)
  16. A large ___________ has arrived for you. (PACK)
  17. I’m sorry that your ____________ are misleading. (STATE)
  18. He became internationally ___________ for his novel.(FAME).
  19. I hope you don’t have any ___________ against our staff.(COMPLAIN)
  20. All the carpets need ___________ . (REPLACEMENT )
  21. The concert will raise money for local ___________. (CHARITY)
  22. Thanks for your ___________ , without we wouldn’t have got good marks. ( CO-OPERATE)
  23. Only a small ___________ of students are interested in politics these days. (MINOR)
  24. He took part in the War and had a terrible _____________ . (WOUNDED)
  25. We need to develop a ___________ approach to the problem.(COORDINATE)
  26. We are very _____________ to our teacher for helping revising for the final exam. (GRATITUDE)
  27. By bringing __________ to other people , you will be happy, too (HAPPY)
  28. We are looking for someone who is good at __________ stories to children. (TELL)
  29. Green Summer is a voluntary project where students provide ___________ for disadvantaged children.(EDUCATE)
  30. People in the ____________ area are really in need of food and medicines. (FLOOD)
  31. He’s not ___________ enough to make a quick decision. He needs to think over before making his own mind. (MATURITY)
  32. In very classroom., teachers always want to ___________ students’ independence in learning. (PROMOTION)
  33. His words and behavior strongly reveals his ___________ background.(EDUCATE)
  34. A __________ married couple has just entered the room. Everyone stood up.(RESPECT)
  35. The Government is calling for the support of the rich to the poor in the campaign called Poverty _____________ .(ERADICATE)
  36. One of the most important qualities of friendship is _______( SELF)
  37. Although he’s a beginner, he played with _______ . (ENTHUSIASTIC)
  38. Everyone was very _______ when Anna said that her grandfather had died. (SYMPATHY)
  39. My colleagues are very pleasant, but the manager is a little ______ (FRIEND)
  40. These people feel a lot of _______ to the company.( LOYAL)
  41. I have known her so well that there is no _______ between us .( SUSPECT)
  42. I don’t know him really well. He’s just an _______ (ACQUAINT)
  43. We haven’t talked to each other recently because of _______ (UNDERSTAND)
  44. You should describe her physical _______ such as height, hair, eyes ,etc . (CHARACTER)
  45. My closest friend is a warm and _______ person. (CARE)
  46. Nowadays more and more people _______ take care of others. (VOLUNTEER)
  47. After retiring, my aunt works as a volunteer for the local _______ (ORPHAN)
  48. My brother and his friends spend hours a week helping _______ or handicapped children in the city. (ADVANTAGE)
  49. The _____ are helped to overcome difficulties by the volunteers. (ABLE)
  50. During summer vacations, many Vietnamese students volunteer to work in remote or ______ areas. (MOUNTAIN)
  51. Do you agree with the famous saying “The happiest people are those who bring _______ to others?” (HAPPY)
  52. We’d like to offer your school a ______ of 2 million dong. (DONATE)
  53. The volunteers also help the _______ with their housework. (OLD)
  54. We participate in a campaign to provide _______ for poor children. (EDUCATE)
  55. I like helping _______ children to read and write. (MINOR)
  56. We started a campaign for _______ eradication in the summer of 2000.( LITERATE)
  57. Many ethnic minority students from the ________ Highlands took part in the campaign. (NORTH)
  58. I think this is an _______ way to help people in remote and mountainous areas to read and write. (AFFECT)
  59. We consider it an _______ job to help poor in our home village.( HONOUR)
  60. Are there any people unable to read and write in your _______. (NEIGHBOUR)
  61. The number of literate females fell _______ between 1998 and 2004. (DRAMA)
  62. We provide ________ to schools. (TRANSPORT)
  63. Many children in mountainous areas have ________ in learning to read and write. (DIFFICULT)
  64. The literacy rate of population varied ______ between 1995 and 2000. (CONSIDER)
  65. What about a small girl to Mary after her _______ ? (PRESENT)
  66. There are 50 ______ in the talent contest. (COMPETE)
  67. The _______ from three schools took part in the English Speaking Contest. (REPRESENT)
  68. One of the rules is that each group must complete five _______ in all. (ACT)
  69. The group that gets the _______ score will be the winner.( HIGH)
  70. For me the most important thing was the _______ we had from the competition. (ENJOY)

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