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1. Từ vựng topic Sports

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2. Từ vựng topic Cycling

  • I have always considered cycling as my hobby in the free time. 
  • My dad bought me a mountain bike since I was very young and I was always told to use it to entertain and train
  • cycling still keeps its popularity in my country. 
  • It’s very likely to bump into some groups of cyclists around ... Lake or some old streets every twilight.
  • The unpopularity of using bicycle in numerous places
  • its friendly effects on the environment compared to cars or airplanes
  • the uncommon use of bicycles
  • The government play a vital role in encouraging the use of this environmentally friendly vehicle. 
  • They could conduct monthly green days that by law require citizens to cycle to work to get people involved in protecting their environment. 
  • In the long term, such an initiative would help to gradually form a habit of cycling among occupied individuals. 
  • propagation via various means of media along with optional courses about the advantages of cycling to the environment at schools seem imperative to heighten social awareness of this matter.
  • Cars are more popular in some cities than bikes
  • It is not time efficient
  • it will take bicycle riders double or triple the amount of time traveling
  • Cycling proves an unpopular choice
  • People are reluctant their bike
  • City dwellers just wish to reach their destination as quickly as possible to spare themselves from the car emissions
  • Take their motorbike or the public transit system
  • Bicycles are gaining popularity
  • Contaminate the atmosphere
  • Prevent the depletion of world resources
  • Save travel expenses
  • bicycles have been around for so long that it is a very common tradition, especially in Vietnam, that one of the first skills that a young child is taught along with his or her ABCs is how to ride a bicycle. 
  • As we get older, most people often lose interest in cycling. 
  • The thought of riding a bike becomes mere nostalgia of times when we were younger.
  • The health benefits of riding a bicycle are tremendous. 
  • A daily or weekly regular exercise regime is hard to maintain because of the lifestyles that we may have.
  • Depending on how fast we go, we may be able to get a great cardio workout. 
  • If we cycle uphill and off-road, we may also be able to squeeze in some fitness training and strengthening our leg muscles.
  • Traveling by bicycles barely results in traffic congestion irrespective of the amount of traffic on the roads
  • Citizens can save huge amounts of time traveling short distances somewhere near their houses and do not have to worry about getting stuck in the horrifying traffic
  • While riding bicycles cause no harm to the environment like other means of transportation, it is not the preferred option of the general public due to various reasons.
  • riding a bicycle is definitely not convenient for commuters who travel a long distance every day since it will require tremendous physical efforts and take a huge amount of time. 
  • it depends heavily on the weather, thereby deterring human’s activities. 
  • a heavy rain can cause an absence from work of employees who ride bicycles. 
  • there are a large number of countries, especially developing or third world nations, in which their transport systems are not designed to facilitate cycling. 
  • cyclists have to share the same infrastructure with other vehicles. This will increase risks of traffic accidents for people who ride bicycles and discourage them from using this environmentally-friendly means of transportation.
  • cycling has some disadvantageous points regarding time-and-effort-consuming inconvenience for long distance commute, reliance on weather, and vehicular cycling.
  • there are some practical measures that state transportation planners can take in terms of developing cycle paths, cycling facilities, public transport and educating programmes.
  • the national authorities should pay attention to promoting cycling facilitation in urban planning, together with encouragement through social media. 
  • governments should make more space for bike paths nationwide and finance this construction. 
  • national spending should invest in building self-service bicycle repair stations and automated bicycle sharing systems, like the one that is running effectively in Singapore at the moment. 
  • the development of public transportation in combination with bike paths would be the best solution for long distance travelling. 
  • more advertisements and promoting campaigns should be launched on social media to educate citizens about how they can protect the environment by switching to bicycles.
  • Because bicycles require no gas, they are eco-friendly. 
  • They do not cause pollution to be blown into the air nor do they release harmful toxins that may potentially cause health problems.
  • riding bicycles has physical, financial, and eco benefits
  • the majority of people are riding motorbikes rather than cars
  • cycling, regardless of its positive influences on the environment, has become a rare picture in the modern world for a number of reasons; and the government should take immediate actions to improve this situation.
  • it would consume a considerable amount of time to travel by this means of transport, which, according to many, justifies the price of potential environmental damage caused by other types of vehicles.
  • it fails to benefit dwellers of major cities in particular when their pace of working life would eclipse the values of using bicycles to the environment.
  • modern people are becoming less concerned about the negative impact that their daily use of cars and public transportation would inflict on their surroundings.
  • it is rather impractical to expect cycling in cities, or even the countryside.
  • It is a perfect way of both getting exercise and responding to the call of living a low carbon and emission lifestyle. 
  • Through cycling, we could appreciate the view better as well as help reduce traffic congestion.
  • I find it truly relaxing and convenient to get around my neighbourhood on a bicycle
  • bicycle was a major means of transport for most families in Vietnam. 
  • Now cars and motorcycles have replaced them.
  • It’s unlikely that people will give up the comfort of their motor vehicles unless the government takes a bold step to encourage people to cycle more. 
  • For many, cycling seems to be a thing of the past now.

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