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1. Từ vựng topic Sports

từ vựng topic Sports mà IELTS TUTOR đã tổng hợp

2. Từ vựng topic Football


  • Transfer window: kì chuyển nhượng (a short period within the football season during which clubs can buy and sell players)
    • IELTS TUTOR xét ví dụ: He will probably be leaving the club when the transfer window opens in January.
  • The football supporters behave violently
  • the wagering of fans as one of the crucial ingredients for the conflict
  • behave such irrationally
  • hooligans could be taken as the sole responsibility of football 
  • Despite the increasing popularity of sports events all around the world, brutality concerning those events, particularly among fans, has globally grabbed attention
  • setting a bunch of penalties against the populace particularly in wagering acts concerning sports events somehow could result in a fewer brutal etiquette of sport competition followers.
  • heavy fines could be waiting for offenders attempting to bet on athletic competitions.
  • they watch live sports
  • The stress of not succeeding in their bet and correspondingly losing a great deal of money leads to accusing violent treatment. 
  • These behaviours might occur in forms of bothering or hurting other individuals or damaging public properties etc.
  •  heavy fines could be waiting for offenders attempting to bet on athletic competitions.

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