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1. Từ vựng topic Changes

Từ vựng topic Changes IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp

2. Từ vựng topic Work

Từ vựng topic Work mà IELTS TUTOR tổng hợp

3. Từ vựng & Ideas topic Job hopping


  • Businessman, skilled workers, office employee’s etc. works during their entire life to meet the financial expenses required to raise themselves and support their families.
  • Experience and skill set they develop by working hard 
  • one should continue with the existing employer
  • switching jobs make them more competent
  • his practice can seriously hinder one’s chances of gaining promotion. 
  • working with the same organisation ensures much better career prospects and work life balance.
  • it is good for the employees to continue working for their current employer throughout their life span.
  • senior employees know the operations and functional nature of their job well which can be fruitful for the company.
  • Their seniority and long term association make them entitled to incentives like gratuity, pension, extended leaves, loans and so on which can be of great value in future.
  • working with the same company
  •  people should switch workplace once they feel that their career path is getting saturation, and they are not learning new skills.
  • one should continue with the same employers as long as they get competitive salary package, exposure, training and opportunity to progress through the hierarchy to attain senior positions.  >> IELTS  TUTOR  hướng  dẫn  Từ vựng topic "salary" IELTS
  • it is better to work for the same establishment throughout their career
  • changing jobs frequently is more beneficial.
  • working in the same enterprise is better than switching jobs every few years as it not only helps an employee to achieve good career progress but also guarantees them financial stability.
  • people who change jobs frequently acquire a diverse set of skills. 
  • This will definitely help them in many ways.
  • people who job hop are less likely to experience work related boredom.
  • this may seriously hinder their career prospects. 
  • They are less likely to receive a promotion or rise. Their chances of acquiring domain expertise are also slim.
  • there has been an increase in the number of people who prefer to work for a variety of companies
  • despite there being many financial benefits to having a one-company career, it is better to switch workplaces regularly in order to fully develop.
  • having the same job throughout their lives
  • it gives them financial stability.
  • Long term employees normally accrue financial rewards such as a higher salary and a decent pension plan.
  • People working for a variety of companies are given more opportunities to learn different skills. When workers start a new job, they will be exposed to new co-workers and a different corporate culture that shows them how to do things differently.
  • working for the same company all our lives can provide financial security
  • it is better to work for different companies in order to grow and become better than before.
  • having the same job for life does not suit everyone and could leave to certain level of stagnation.
  • Switching jobs, especially during the early phases of career, is instrumental in getting financial boosts as the employee gets more incentives and a better salary structure
  • few multinational companies prefer employees having diversified experience of working in different industries which are vital for their growth. 
  • companies feel that an employee is getting more dependent on them and lack the courage and required skills to explore other job opportunities which can be exploited for their own good.
  • any improves employee and employer relationship and they can move through the hierarchy to attain managerial positions often reserved for credible and senior most employees. 
  • during a recession, companies retain their senior workforce and often newly hired staff ar laid off for cost cutting
  • to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change
  • change is always a good thing
  • some people feel the need to make significant changes to their lives from time to time.
  • any new situation that a person encounters can be an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. 
  • A new job might present challenges that push the person to adapt, acquire new knowledge, or add to their skill set. 
  • a change can represent a break with the past and an old routine which has become boring and predictable. 
  • as well as making life more fun and interesting, new experiences can be good for our physical and mental health.
  • they are settled in their existing job and switching workplace can disturb their life.
  • There is no harm in continuing with the same job as long as the company is financially stable and an employee is getting the right exposure.

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